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Scy Heidekamp



Instragram & Twitter: @scyheidekamp

Facebook: Scy Heidekamp


Scy Heidekamp is a multi disciplinary designer from the Netherlands. After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Multimedia design in 2020, she moved to Prague to pursue a Master’s degree in Future Design. Her main interests are new media, technology and interaction design. She got the creative view from her mother and a technical interest from her father who used to work in IT. During the past two years she specialized in artificial intelligence and implementing machine learning in creative processes.

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Mattia De Vitis

Pantelleria, Sicily 17/06/1994

+39 333 2087 305

Ig: mattiadevitis_

Mattia is an Italian designer and art director from Sicily who currently resides in Prague. After completing his degree in industrial design at the ABA (Academy of Fine Arts) of Perugia in 2019 he moved to Florence where he studied typography and calligraphy at the IED. Once he has completed this path he moves to Prague where he embarks on a career as a digital designer for various local companies, meanwhile also pursuing his studies in Future Design at the Prague City University from September 2020 and with which he will achieve the graduation in November 2022.


Derek Bertelsen

Minneapolis, MN USA

Instagram: dirkle00

Derek Bertelsen is a multi-talented designer and artist that has explored numerous mediums

over the years. From fortune 100 and 500 technology sales to sustainable environmental futures, global logistics, interior design, jewelry design, and glass design, Derek has a wide berth in the technical side of design thought, including the art of communication which has led him all around the globe. Currently, a corporate global freelance video producer, Derek spends his time traveling, cycling, and enjoying the simplicities of art creation for others. 

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Muneer Elsaheb

Instagram: munir_murat
Facebook: Münir Murat SA

Muneer is an architect with a bachlour in architecture and building science from king saud university (2019) and now he is finishing his master's in Art future design (2022). His love for engineering and art created an interesting style in his work in architecture and a vision for the new world of architecture. His goals are to make architecture that can be both efficient and artistic.

He is currently in Prague pursuing his dreams and making them into reality.

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Mitanshu Shah


Instagram: mightiest_shah


Mitanshu is an Indian-based Graphic Designer who obtained his Bachelor's degree in Fine Art, Applied Arts from Parul University in 2019. His area of expertise is brand design. Mitanshu has been concentrating on 3D design and applications for the past two years.

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Aleksandar - A Step ahead of the Niche

This project features in-depth research of the Czech Industry and its upcoming trends & necessities, exploring unique approaches that allow a new coming Studio to establish its footprint as a reliable asset within a Niche.

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